Illuminart Lighting Design Firm -
                                Ypsilanti, MI


Illuminart is a lighting design firm
that creates lighting solutions for interior and exterior spaces worldwide.

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Our designers work with your team and remain actively involved through all design phases. Illuminart does not sell equipment. We design lighting solutions based on our understanding of light and space.

We can design for a variety of projects. Illuminart is the recipient more than 40 international lighting design awards ranging from commercial office, retail, landscape, and residential projects.

Services and Considerations:
  • Comprehensive lighting design
  • Workshop consulting for small residential project or remodel
  • Daylighting design / integration
  • Lighting for video productions
  • Stage & special effects lighting
  • Exhibit lighting
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Equipment specifications
  • Lighting for LEED projects
  • Light trespass consultation
  • Roadway and tunnel lighting
  • Job costing and management
  • Energy management studies
  • Illuminance calculations
  • Lighting design plans
  • On-site lighting mock-ups
  • On-site aiming and adjustments
  • Seminars & education programs